Ficus heteropleura growing along an old logging road at 1,000m asl. Trus Madi, Sabah.  All photos in this article are by Linus Gokusing.
Ficus heteropleura, Trus Madi Sabah
Ficus heteropleura. The latin name refers to  the very varied leaf venation- which is certainly appropriate . Berg (2005) notes that this fig can be distinguished from Ficus sinuata (to which it is closely related) by the impressed (sunken) central rib on the leaf.
Ficus heteropleura , Trus Madi 1000 m
Ficus heteropleura. From the open ostiole and greenish yellow colour (not orange/reddish colour) these are unripe male figs. Note a few small triangular dark bracts on the side of the fig characteristic of some species of  SECTION SYCIDIUM figs including F. heteropleura, F.subulata, F. subsidens and F. leptocalama. Photo Linus Gokusing.