This tree at the rear of the Sukau Rainforest Lodge on the Kinabatangan River is believed to be a rare Ficus magnoliifolia. The tree was not fruiting when we visited so the identification was made on the basis of tree and leaf characteristics alone. F. magnoliifolia is one of 5 Borneo fig species in Section Oreosycea. All Oreosycea figs have tall, straight white trunks and large buttresses which produce latex when cut. The fallen leaves match the profile of Ficus magnoliifolia a very rare fig in Borneo although relatively common in the more seasonal areas of SE Asia particularly Thailand and the Philippines.

01 Magnoliifolia 3P7A8949.JPG
The prominent tree in the background is believed to be a rare example of Ficus magnoliifolia.
06 Magnoliifolia 3P7A8803.JPG
Tony Lamb standing next to the large buttresses to show the scale.
07 Magnoliifolia 3P7A8534.JPG
When cut or damaged the bark produces copious amounts of sticky white latex typicall of figs and artocarpus trees in the Moraceae family.
02 Magnoliifolia 3P7A8871 - Copy.JPG
Note the oblong multivenined leaves with short petioles. The lateral veins of the leaf are slightly sunken giving the leaf a “bullate” appearance.

05 Magnoliifolia 3P7A8518.JPG

03 Magnoliifolia 3P7A8509.JPG
An early morning view of the Kinabtangan River from the jetty of ther Sukau Rainforest Lodge Resort an ideal site from which to explore the abundant wildlife and plants of the Kinabatangan River in Sabah, Borneo.