Ficus crassiramea growing at Tg Aru beach, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Another F.crassiramea growing at Tg Aru beach, Kota Kinabalu. F. crassiramea is classed as a SECTION CONOSYCEA strangler by botanists and it can produce strangling roots but it can also grow as an epiphyte or as a stand alone tree.
F. crassiramea has three very different features which make it easy to identify (1) The leaves are glossy, thick and spear shaped with long leaf stalks (petioles) and clear veins (2) The figs are encased in substantial cups (bracts).
(3) When flushing with new leaves the ground beneath a Crassiramea fig is often littered with the large fallen stipules often bright pink or creamy pink.
Ficus crassiramea is common throughout the lowlands of  Borneo often in coastal areas or river floodplains. Some very large Crassiramea fig trees have been recorded on the banks of the Kinabatangan river in Sabah. In Brunei Ficus crassiramea  is locally common in the lowlands often growing to giant size in peat swamp forest where large individuals  tower above the canopy.

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