Ficus grandiflora.  A rare endemic fig confined to hill forest in Borneo. Named by Prof. John Corner in 1965 for the large lowers shown here in the interior of the fig.  The Leiden herbarium has only four collections of Ficus grandiflora, 3 from the slopes of Kinabalu and one from Belalong, Ulu Temburong, Brunei. All photos in this article are by Linus Gokusing of a root climbing fig collected at 600m in the Crocker Range, Sabah on 20 Jan 2015.
Ficus grandiflora. Acording to Berg (2005)  the figs ripen red to purple which is typical of the large SECTION KISSOCYCEA figs.
Ficus grandiflora. Of the two types of dissimilar leaves photographed above the larger leaves are likely to be the bathyphyll leaves which grow low down on the trunk whilst the smaller leaf is likely to be taken from one of the liana branches higher up closer to the sunlit canopy. Further research required.
Ficus grandiflora, Crocker Range, 600m. Collected by Linus Gokusing 20 January 2015.