Ficus oleifolia photographed on the summit ridge of Gunung Trus Madi (2,624 m), Borneo’s  second highest mountain after Gunung Kinabalu (4,095 m).

All photos by Linus Gokusing

Ficus oleifolia growing near the summit of Trus Madi. F. oleifolia is the small bush growing in the centre of the photo.
Ficus oleifolia on the summit of Trus Madi.
Ficus oleifolia is  a characteristic shrub of mountain summits throughout Borneo.
Ficus oleifolia. These figs are on a different bush  from the bush shown above which is also on the summit of Trus Madi however the figs are not yet ripe.


A view of the summit of Trus Madi
The vegetation on the summit of Trus Madi is a mixture of small berry bearing shrubs such as Ficus oleifolia, melastomas, leptospermum, rhododendrons and herbs characteristic of the Bornean mountains, including ground orchids and nepenthes.

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