Ficus stricta Sepilok Nature Resort. There are at least four of these F. stricta fig trees planted next to the cabins at the Sepilok Nature Resort-possibly they are ornamentals imported from abroad but when they fruit they attract an enormous variety of wildlife. This tree was fruiting in October 2010.
Ficus  stricta. Vast quantities of ripe figs were knocked to the ground. Note that the leaves are penniveined with no strong basal veins. Both the leaves and the fig fruit  of Ficus stricta are very similar to Ficus benjamina but both  leaves and fruit are larger and the leaves are stiffer and more leathery.
Ficus stricta Visitors included a pair of Black Hornbills.
Ficus stricta  and Red-eyed Brown Bulbul.
Ficus sticta and Streaked Bulbul
Ficus stricta: Many Green Leafbirds and Fairy Bluebirds
and a Prevost’s Squirrel. Notice the very faint white stripe followed by a black stripe above the rufous of the belly. Most Prevost’s Squirrels in Sabah lack the stripe which is obviously a genetic relic of their  continental asian origin.
Ficus stricta, Sepilok Nature Resort. October 2010. This fruiting fig attracted over 15 species of birds as well as squirrels and macaques.