Ficus virens growing in a graveyard next to the Kota Belud to Kudat Road. Ficus virens is locally common north of Kota Belud town in the flood plain of the Tempassuk River. We found at least four giant stranglers and a few young trees in January 2017.
Another Ficus virens growing next to the main Kota Belud-Kudat Road. This one was fruiting.
Ficus virens. The fig fruits ripen white with a slight tinge of purple with  a few purple spots.
We also revisited a third fig tree, the largest Ficus virens in the locality. This tree deserves to be better known as (probably) the largest (widest) tree in Sabah. The best known Ficus virens in the world is the Curtain Fig at Yungaburra in North Queensland which can be visited on a day trip from Cairns. Over 200,000 tourists visit the Curtain Fig every year. The Curtain Fig has a 60 meter wide canopy. The Kota Belud Fig has a 70 meter wide canopy !  Perhaps one day Kota Belud will be more famous internationally for this fig tree than for it’s Bajau horsemen !
This what the base of Sabah’s largest tree looks like.
Ficus virens leaves
Ficus virens, close up of the leaves.
Kota Kinabalu.jpg
Kota Belud is 1.5 hours drive north of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.