Ficus treubii is a  small tree with distinctive fig fruit that hang in strings from the trunk and lower branches as in this illustration by Karen Phillipps.  Ficus treubii is a Borneo endemic locally common throughout the lowland and hill forests up to 2000 m. Based on the collection records of the Leiden Herbarium (Netherlands), F. treubii is the 27th most common fig in Borneo out of a total of 150 fig species.
Ficus treubii   fruit covered stolon in the forest at the Brunei Biodiversity Project,t, Brunei  being held by Jungle Dave.
Ficus treubii, Brunei Biodiversity Project,  Brunei. Close up of fig fruit.
Brunei Biodiversity Project  (previously Project Habitat), Kiudang, Tutong District,  Brunei Darussalam