A Large Green Pigeon Treron capellei that arrived to feed on a fruiting Ficus dubia at the Meriuk Farm Stay at the Wasai Bedanu Waterfall, Tutong, Brunei.  Green Pigeons are specialist fig seed predators. Of the 5 green pigeons that occur in Borneo only  the Large Green Pigeon has a gape big enough to swallow Ficus dubia whole.

Photo by Andrew Velle.


Ficus dubia is a medium sized strangler (to 30m), scarce but widespread throughout the  wetter forests of Borneo.  The fig fruit is easily recognized because Ficus dubia has the largest (strangler) fig fruit in Borneo (to 5 cm diameter) and Ficus dubia fig fruits are stipitate (with a distinct stalk) as shown in the photo. Many climbing figs produce fig fruit with stalks but it is unusual and rare with the stranglers.   The wildlife feeding on this fruiting F.dubia included Large Green Pigeons, Rhinoceros Hornbills, Black Hornbills, Prevost’s Squirrels, Silvered Langurs, Long-tailed Macaques, Pig-tailed Macaques and Gibbons. Photo by Jungle Dave taken at the Meriuk Farm Stay, Kiudang, Ulu Tutong, Brunei.