Ficus uncinata is one of c. 9 “Earth Figs” found in Borneo, seven of which are endemic to Borneo. Whilst the leaves of earth figs often look very similar, large, hairy and asymmetric (uneven) as shown above,  the figs are very varied and may vary from glaborous (smooth) to very hairy even amongst the same species.
Ficus uncinata fruits are often covered in dense hairs probably an evolutionary adaptation to prevent partridges and pheasants from swallowing the fruit whole and digesting (predating) the seeds.
Ficus uncinata leaves. Earth figs are most common in the wetter areas of Borneo, particularly in the hills and mountains where there is rainfall every month of the year. Ficus uncinata is not found in Sabah where it is replaced by F. malayana.
Ficus uncinata growing along a rural road  near Bangar in Temburong, Brunei. Earth figs often grow along new roads in areas of high rainfall.
The rural back road in Temburong, Brunei where  we found that Ficus uncinata was  the most common roadside fig.