Ficus midotis, Gunung Silam, East Sabah. Based on the Leiden Ficus collection F. midotis is the 8th most common fig in Borneo. In Beaman’s (2004) list of the plants of Kinabalu Ficus midotis is the third most common fig recorded from Kinabalu. The single plant described in this article was collected from 500m on Gunung Silam an ultramafic mountain in East Sabah with an unusual flora. All photos by Linus Gokusing.
Ficus midotis leaves are easy to recognise because they are glaborous (smooth and shiny above) with an auricle (ear) one one side of the leaf base where it joins the leaf stalk (petiole). The photo above shows the auricle both from above and below.
Ficus midotis. This is a closeup of the auricle from above.
Ficus midotis. This is a closeup of an auricle from below.