Ficus subsidens typical growth habit along a rocky stream bank in montane forest next to the Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan Road c.1,650 m asl. near Gunung Emas at the beginning of the side road to the summit of Gunung Alab in the Crocker Range. All photos in this article are of a single plant taken by Linus Gokusing. From the enlarged  and pale appearance of the fig this is a male plant.  See here for the female F. subsidens.

001 Ficus subsidens IMG_3356

002 Ficus subsidens IMG_3356 - Copy.JPG

003 Ficus subsidens IMG_3356 - Copy.JPG

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Ficus subsidens


Ficus subsidens. Notice the open ostiole. See cross section below.
Ficus subsidens. From the evidence of   the presence of fig wasps and their larvae this is a male fig, where some of the wasps have already left and others are about to hatch and leave through the ostiole.

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