Ficus vasculosa growing at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. F. vasculosa can grow into a tall forest tree (to 45m) with a straight white trunk but is also found as a small tree or shrub in secondary forest..  The small tree illustrated below was discovered  growing at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

Ficus vasculosa stipule Singapore 0512.JPG
Ficus nervosa has a similar looking stipule but it is twice as long (2-4 cm)  and slightly hairy whereas the stipule of F. vasculosa as shown above is normally 1.4-1.2 cm long and smooth not hairy.

vasculosa singapore IMG_0517.JPG

Vasculosa Singapore IMG_0513.JPG
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Tan et al (2014) Ficus vasculosa in Singapore provides an excellent overview of Ficus vasculosa in Singapore.