PHOTO ABOVE: Green palm seeds together with rotten fig fruit of Ficus grandiflora on the ground  in the forest at Borneo Heights, Gunung Penrissen, Padawan, Sarawak.

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Clockwise from left: (1) Lithocarpus acorn (2) Barringtonia seed (3) Artocarpus fruit (4) Immature  bright green  Ficus grandilflora fig fruit.


The Borneo Heights Resort on Gunung Penrissen is surrounded by beautiful mountain forest but a 100 years of active hunting by the local Bidayuh Land Dayaks in the surrounding forest  has eliminated most of the large fig eating wildlife  and this has resulted in a collapse of the fig tree population as well.

View from Borneo Heights towards the Bungoh Range  an area of rugged limestone hills  near Kuching riddled with  bat caves and old mining excavations for gold and antimony.


Google Maps; Borneo Heights, Gunung Penrissen, Padawan, Kuching, Sarawak