This collection of  Ficus palungensis from Gunung Palung  was originally described in (1998) by Laman & Weiblen as Ficus paracamptophylla. Later they decided that it was a new species of ficus based on the following differences

“Similar to F. paracamptophylla in having elongated, persistent stipules. Differs in having narrow leaves with indistinct venation and smaller figs”.

However subsequently  Berg in his Flora Malesiana monograph on Ficus  (2005)  determined this fig as Ficus acamptophylla. See label on the herbarium sheet below.

Ficus palungensis

It is possible that this fig could be a hybrid  between F. acamptophylla and F. paracamptophylla, which are obviously closely related  or part of a variable species complex which includes all three species..

Palungensis  enhanced  - Copy.jpg

Laman & Weiblen (1998) Ficus palungensis.jpg

Laman & Weiblen (1998) Figs of Gng Palung NP Kalimantan