Collected from  the ground at the far end of the padang at Sepilok Rainforest Discovery Center between the lake and the car park on 13 October 2013. I was told that this fig later fell down in a storm and is no longer present. Note that all the leaf veins on the underside of the leaf are prominently raised  whilst on the upper surface  the main veins, the side veins and the small tertiary veins are all sunken giving the leaf and crinkly surface. Only two Section Conosycea figs in Borneo share this character Ficus kochummeniana and Ficus forstenii. 

Padang at Rainforest Discovery Centre IMG_7482.jpg

The Padang at the Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok is the venue for the Borneo Bird Festival held every two years at Sepilok.

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Ficus forstenii unripe figs. Ripe figs are bright red.

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