Ficus parietalis is one of the most common figs along the forest edge in lowland Borneo. These figs are easily recognised from the fact that the leaves normally only have 3 or 4 side veins and the female figs ripen bright crimson. Note that male figs ripen yellow and are not eaten by any animals.

Ficus parietalis can grow as a stand alone tree, but also often as a small to medium sized epiphyte.ficus-parietalis-img_0161

Ficus parietalis IMG_0139 - Copy.JPG

Ficus parietalis IMG_0138 - Copy.JPG
This fruiting Ficus parietalis was growing as an epiphyte on an oil palm next to the Labuk Road opposite the turn off to the Labuk Bay Resort, Sandakan.
Ficua parietalis IMG_0162 - Copy.JPG
On oil palms growing near to forest Ficus parietalis is a common epiphyte.