In December 2013 an epiphytic  male Ficus parietalis was fruiting above a path behind the restaurant kitchen at Mulu Park HQ.  The open ostioles of these F. parietalis figs in the canopy indicate that these are ripe male fruit from which the pregnant female fig wasps have recently emerged.

Male Ficus parietalis figs ripen pale yellow rather than the bright red of female figs. No animal eats male figs so they fall uneaten to the forest floor. You can see that the whole path was carpeted with uneaten figs.
Ficus parietalis IMG_5650 - Copy.JPG
Fallen leaves and male figs of Ficus parietalis  collected from the ground at Mulu Park HQ. Male figs are are easy to recognise when ripe because of their pale colour and the open ostiole.

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