Ficus tristaniifolia growing as an epiphyte on a peeling bark Tristania tree (Eucalyptus family Myrtaceae) next to the entrance road  in the kerangas forest at Berakas beach in Brunei Darussalam. Note the thick ground root which connects this canopy fig with the ground.

Ficus spathulifolia IMG_0077.JPG

Ficus spathulifolia IMG_0054.JPG

Ficus spathulifolia IMG_0069.JPG

Ficus spathulifolia IMG_0075.JPG

The kerangas forest in the Berakas Forest Reserve Brunei has a distinctive ficus flora typical of coastal peat swamp forest throughout west Borneo including Ficus crassiramea, Ficus xylophylla, Ficus spathulifolia and Ficus tristaniifolia.