The wet alluvial flood plain forest that surrounds the Deer Cave at Mulu is rich in many different species of figs including Ficus hemsleyana and Ficus spiralis  and also a group of small Ficus lepicarpa trees growing next to the Deer Cave boardwalk.Ficus lepicarpa IMG_3637.JPG

Ficus lepicarpa Mulu IMG_3625.JPG
Note that single figs grow in the leaf axils.
Ficus lepicarpa IMG_3626.JPG
Compared with Ficus septica the leaves of Ficus lepicarpa  are broader. From above the veins are not a clear white as with Ficus septica.
Ficus lepicarpa IMG_3629 - Copy.JPG
In addition the figs of Ficus lepicarpa are very different from those of Ficus septica. They are rounder and usually have a line like an equator line around the middle or bottom end of the fig as shown in the photo above  and below.

Ficus lepicarpa IMG_3632.JPG

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