This view is from the access road up to the Crocker Range Park Cabins and the summit of Gunung Alab, the highest accessible point in the Crocker Range. The village in the distance is  Kg Sinsuron on the fertile, rice growing, Tambunan plain below. This photo was taken around 11.00 pm with the cloud layer just above. On most days, by midday, the the summit of Gunung Alab (1,964m) is shrouded in mist.

Ficus macilenta IMG_3346.JPG
Linus Gokusing photographing a Ficus macilenta bush near the entrance to the Gunung Alab access road in the Crocker Range, Sabah. The altitude here is approx 1,650m. The fig photographs in this article  are all by Linus Gokusing.

Ficus macilenta IMG_3347.JPG

Ficus macilenta IMG_3351.JPG

Ficus macilenta IMG_3371.JPG

Ficus macilenta IMG_3364 - Copy.JPG

Ficus macilenta IMG_3368 - Copy.JPG

Ficus macilenta IMG_3377.JPG