The Royal Mulu Resort just outside the Mulu Park in northern Sarawak is built on stilts on the floodplain of the Melinau River. Wooden walkways  to the cabins run through several hectares of floodplain forest very rich in many different species of figs particularly Ficus subulata. The view in the photo above is of a limestone cliff on the opposite side of the river from the Royal Mulu Resort.

Ficus subulata IMG_6326 - Copy.JPG
Ficus subulata grows as an epiphyte on tree trunks below the canopy but instead of growing up the tree trunk towards the light Ficus subulata branches sideways  to reach the trunks of neighbouring trees eventually creating a dense mat of foliage linking several trees. As most of the floodplain trees have been cleared away at the Royal Mulu Resort instead of reaching neighbouring tree trunks the branches sag towards the ground.

Ficus subulata IMG_6318 - Copy.JPG

Ficus subulata IMG_6324 - Copy.JPGFicus subulata IMG_6333 - Copy.JPGIMG_6334 - Copy.JPG

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