The Melinau River runs along the border of Mulu National Park in N. Sarawak. Notice the white limestone cliffs riddled with large caves in the background. Mulu is rich in figs both in quantity and  diversity.

Ficus variegata IMG_4655 - Copy.JPG
The banks of the Melinau River host numerous Ficus racemosa and Ficus variegata trees. When we visited  in December 2013 the river was flooded and the fig trees had their “feet “in the floodwater. The photo shows a Ficus variegata tree growing just behind the Mulu NP restaurant. The base of the trunk is around 1 meter under the floodwater.
IMG_4240 - Copy.JPG
Ficus variegata: Ripe figs drop straight into the floodwater to  be dispersed downstream by the river and upstream by fish.
Ficus variegata IMG_4100.JPG
Ficus variegata. These figs were only 30cm above the water.

Ficus variegata IMG_4667.JPG

Mulu Map

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