Ficus tinctoria var tinctoria is locally common on islands from India to the Pacific  but in Borneo has only been recorded on the Derawan islands in East Kalimantan.

Ficus tinctoria IMG_9579.jpg
All photos  in this article are of Ficus tinctoria var tinctoria  growing on Pulau Nunukan in the Pulau Maratua Lagoon. See map below.

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Pulau Maratua Kakaban CCI09022018_0002
As of 2018 Ficus tinctoria var tinctoria has only been found in two locations in Borneo both in the Derawan Islands off the coast of E. Kalimantan. (1) Pulau Nunukan at the southern end of the Maratua Lagoon and on (2) Pulau Kakaban.

Ficus tinctoria var tinctoria, Pulau Kakaban