MUD FIG Ficus limosa C. C. Berg (2004)  SECTION SYCOCARPUS

Latin: limosa translates as muddy or dirty or slimy. Berg (2004) notes that on all the specimens he has seen in herbariums there are traces of silt or river mud.

Habit: Small rheopytic tree growing on muddy river banks along lowland rivers  in western Sarawak only.

Leaf: Hairy, oblong leaves  with 6-10 pairs of side veins,  2 -6 cm wide x 5-16 cm long.

Fig: The green figs which grow in clusters from the trunk ripen green/grey. The figs are covered in raised lenticels ( small protuberances ) giving the surface a very rough appearance.

Distinguish: Berg notes that this fig is obviously related to F. obpyramidata  an introduced  cultivated species occasionally grown in home orchards in Sarawak.

See Ficus obpyramidata.

Distribution: A very rare Borneo endemic confined to the banks of muddy lowland rivers in western Sarawak. The TYPE was collected by Peter Ashton at Nanga Sepulau, Segan, Sarawak. S22036.

Obpyramidata 02 and Ficus limosa Corner 2005 map - -.jpg

Ashton (2019) A Botanist in Borneo


More recently photographed by Astrid Cruaud and Jean-Yves Rasplus at Sungai Paku in SW Sarawak.

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