Ficus subterranea growing near Mushroom Shed #40 next to the Kota Kinabalu -Tambunan Road  c. 1,000 m asl in the Crocker Range.

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Note that unlike the majority of earth figs the leaf blade is symmetrical without a lobe at the base of the leaf . The short drip tip distinguishes this fig from Ficus beccarii.
Mushroom shed 40 IMG_7278.JPG
Mushroom Shed  #40 at c,1,000m asl in the Crocker Range. The mixture of forest and old hill rice  rice swiddens  in this location makes it one of the richest sites to look for figs in Borneo.
Ficus subterranea IMG_7279.JPG
Ficus subterranea site next to Mushroom Shed #40 in the Crocker Range, Sabah.