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When we visited Pulau Maratua in 2013 we were the first people to drive along this new road to the north end of the island in this new  pick up truck Рthe first vehicle on Maratua. Along the sides of the new road there was a flush of new secondary vegetation responding to the extra light that had resulted from the removal of trees. Among the new vegetation were several individual plants of this strange small fig, Ficus montana growing right next to the new tarmac. Note that this ID is provisional and this fig may be a juvenile Ficus racemosa or some other unknown Ficus species. 

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Ficus heterophylla IMG_6835 - Copy.JPGIMG_6839 - Copy.JPG

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Ficus heterophylla IMG_2731 - Copy.JPGFicus heterophylla IMG_2733 - Copy.JPGFicus heterophylla IMG_2734 - Copy.JPG