Ficus tarennifolia is normally considered a fig of the Sabah mountains. A typical location to find  F. tarennifolia  is in the Mountain Garden at Kinabalu Park HQ, but this striking individual was growing in the lowlands next to the Kota Kinabalu – Sandakan road near Telupid where it passes through the Taviu Forest Reserve.

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Just outside Telupid the road cutting exposes a whole hillside of ultramafic  rock which in Sabah at least has a very distinctive flora, with many specialist endemic plant species.
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Amongst the shrubs growing on the ultramafic rocks were several individuals of Ficus tarennifolia. John Hamilton shows the scale. The small Ficus tarennifolia fig tree is on the right.
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Notice  the bunch of cauliferous figs right at the base of the tree, typical of Ficus tarennifolia.

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