Ficus glandifera figs on a tree growing next to the beach on Pulau Sangkalaki a small island in the Derawan Islands Archipelago  in East Kalimantan. This is the first record of a  section Malvanthera fig  (which evolved east of Borneo) crossing from east to west across Wallace’s Line. However  distribution records indicate that a number of fig species  have arrived in Borneo from Sulawesi.

Ficus glandifera has recently found to be very common on Sipadan island off the coast of SE Sabah.

Ficus glandifera Crevel ENHANCED.jpg
Illustration from Berg & Corner (2005) by Ruth Crevel. Note that the fig sits in a distinctive cup made up of bracts and that the ostiole is slit shaped, both features typical of  figs in section Malvanthera.

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