Ficus subcordata and  Ficus callophylla both have very similar looking, large penniveined leaves with the thin secondary veins in dense parallel rows. Both are uncommon hemi-epiphytes in the lowland forests of Borneo.

The differences are clearly illustrated in the drawing above taken from George King’s monograph  THE SPECIES OF FICUS OF THE INDO-MALAYAN & CHINESE COUNTRIES first published in 1887. These differences are as follows;

  1. The basal veins ( although faint) can actually be seen on the leaf of F. callophyla  (above) whereas they are absent in F. subcordata (below).
  2. The fig fruit of F. subcordata (below) is much larger than that of F. callophylla and oblong shaped whereas the fig of F. callophylla is small and round with a peaked ostiole.
  3. Despite the differences shown in the illustrations the stipules of the two species are very similar.  F. subcordata has a long thin needle shaped stipule. F. callophylla  a slightly thicker stipule often curved at the end.
Ficus  callophylla King (1887).jpg
Illustration of Ficus callophylla from King (1887)