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GOLDEN HAIR FIG Ficus auricoma Corner ex C.C. Berg. (2003) SECTION:ERIOSYCEA

Latin: Golden hairs, from the hairs covering the fig fruit

Habit: A very rare tree to 13m with large leaves and hairy figs. The twigs are covered with “beautiful pale greenish gold tomentum (hairs)” according to Peter Ashton.

Leaf: A large leaf with cordate base , 5-6 lateral veins. The margin is denticulated (lightly serrated). There are hairs on the veins of the leaf but not on the leaf itself which is smooth.

Fig: Medium sized densely hairy with golden hairs, a pointed ostiole surrounded by sharp hairy bracts.

Sex: Dioecious

Similar species: Ficus aureocordata, Ficus bruneiensis, Ficus diamantiphylla

Distinguish: Similar to Ficus bruneiensis but differs e.g. “in the smooth upper surface of the lamina, shorter petioles and stipules, and longer basal bracts” (Berg 2003). Ficus aureocordata has prominent bracts on the side of the fig fruit.

Distribution: Endemic to Borneo. I could only trace two collections (1) The TYPE collected by Peter Ashton S17688, at Bukit Mersing, Ulu Anap, Sarawak (1,000m asl) on 5th Oct. 1963, and (2) A single collection in NATURALIS from Kabuten Tabalong at the northern end of the Meratus range in South Kalimantan L.1605158 12 July 2000. Both collections are illustrated in this article.

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