Mature Ficus malayana fig growing next to the path to the Mountain Garden at Kinabalu Park HQ

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The hooked bracts on the fig fruit have evolved to prevent the ripe figs being swallowed by partridges  which are very common in the forest surrounding Kinabalu Park HQ. Partridges have grit filled gizzards which they use to grind up small seeds-an important part of their diet.
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Notice the root like stolons coming from the base of the tree. The figs grow on the stolons. Normally the figs are  hidden in the leaf litter but in this case the leaves appear to have been washed away by the rain.


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Ficus malayana leaves are dentate i.e. serrated or toothed with a slight “lobe” that does not cover the petiole (leaf stalk) on one side at the base of the leaf.

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