Kebun Cina is a small (132 ha) forest park on the sandstone ridge hill that backs Sandakan town. Originally this ridge would have been covered in dipterocarp forest but this is long gone replaced by some interesting plants characteristic of poor soil kerangas  in the rest of Borneo. Sandakan is the type location of the Borneo endemic  fig Ficus inaequipetiolata and this fig remains common on Kebun Cina and in the adjacent Leila Forest Reserve.

Ficus inaequipetiolata is polymorphic both in leaf shape and shrub shape. Typically the  Narrow Leaf Form growing on a single stem contrasts with the Broad Leaf Form growing on a multibranched bush. There are also intermediates between the two forms, with both narrow and broad leaves on the same branch.

In this article we illustrate the the broadleaf form . A separate article illustrates the narrow leaf form.

Ficus inaequipetiolata Broad 01.JPG

Ficus inaequipetiolata Broad 04.JPG

Ficus inaequipetiolata Broad 02.JPG

Ficus inaequipetiolata Broad 07.JPG

Kebun Cina 02 IMG_0100 - Copy.JPG

Kebun Cina 01 .JPG

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