On the hill behind the Ulu Ulu Resort at Ulu Temburong in Brunei there grows a very large dipterocarp tree. The trunk is  covered in numerous different epiphytic plants. The largest of these epiphytes is a Ficus stupenda fig .  When this fig fruits it attracts Helmeted, Rhinoceros, Black and Bushy-crested hornbills  to feed on the large figs.  In the photo above the Ficus stupenda  branches are growing in front of the bottom third of the dipterocarp’s leafy canopy.Ficus stupenda 06 IMG_1361

Ficus stupenda IMG_1364.JPG
Note the large leathery leaves with 4-6 prominent veins.


Ficus stupenda 0 4 IMG_1339.JPG
The view from the hill top looking over the Ulu Ulu Resort.
Ficus stupenda 03 IMG_1330.JPG
The view from the hill top looking over to the  helipad on the opposite side of the Temburong river .