A late evening view from the road leading to Agathis Camp at Maliau.

Agathis Camp is at the bottom of the valley below. On the horizon is the southern rim of the Maliau Basin, a stiff climb at the start of your trek.  This hill slope is reputed to be a favoured haunt  of  the rare Bulwer’s Pheasant when oaks are fruiting. Trekkers used to camp overnight at Agathis Camp after walking in from the Maliau Study Centre but with the new road they can start climbing immediately. More recently Agathis camp has been damaged by elephants and is no longer in use.

Agathis Camp IMG_0695
The road stops just before  Agathis Camp. From here on you can trek all the way to Belian Camp next to the Maliau Basin Studies Centre. This trek will take you two nights and 3 days with side trips to view the spectacular waterfalls inside the basin.

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MAP OF THE MALIAU BASIN CONSERVATION AREA, SABAH, MALAYSIA  The  27 km road from the Security Gate to the Maliau Basin Study Centre passes through some of the finest forest in Borneo rich in interesting figs  and abundant wildlife. On night drives pigs and deer are numerous  and relatively unafraid.