Sometimes you find the finest fig trees in very strange locations. The beautiful Ficus callosa shown below  is growing on the outskirts of Tenom in central Sabah providing shade to a local car wash.

Ficus callosa IMG_1910

Ficus callosa IMG_1911.JPG

Tenom is a small sleepy town at the southern end of the Tambunan-Keningau-Tenom Valley that runs down the middle of Sabah. The alluvial soils deposited by the Padas and Pengkalan Rivers are some of the richest in Sabah. Ficus callosa  is locally common at Tenom probably a relict of the original flood plain forest  now cleared for agriculture.

Ficus callosa IMG_1916.JPG

Ficus callosa IMG_1913.JPG

Ficus callosa IMG_1912.JPG