The Crocker Range Park in NW Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia) is crossed by two roads. The Crocker Range Park HQ is on the southern most road. Opposite the Crocker Range Park HQ is a rest stop by the roadside. Next to the rest stop is a fine example of Ficus gul   a rare fig in Borneo although common in New Guinea  and the islands to the east of Borneo.

Ficus gul Crocker Range Park HQ IMG_0062
Crocker Range Park HQ
Ficus gul Rest stop  opp CRP HQ 3Y3A2638.JPG
The rest stop opposite Crocker Range Park HQ.
Honor Phillipps Ficus gul IMG_0133.JPG
Next to the rest stop is a very fine example of a small fig tree Ficus gul  with Honor Phillipps showing the relative size.

Ficus gul IMG_0141.JPG

Ficus gul CRP HQ IMG_0166.JPG
The small green fig fruit are very distinctive and cannot be mistaken for any other fig.

Ficus gul IMG_0154.JPGFicus gul IMG_0149.JPG