Ficus maclellandii is an ornamental fig native to N Thailand, N E India and S China. Ficus maclellandii  is a common house plant throughout the world. In Borneo Ficus maclellandii  is widely grown for landscaping . However F. maclellandii fig fruit in Borneo are always sterile (no seeds) because  there are no partner fig wasps of Ficus maclellandii  in Borneo to pollinate the tiny flowers inside the fig fruit. Birds and mammals do not eat sterile figs.

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Ficus maclellandii  is probably the most common fig tree at Tenom Agricultural Park, in Sabah. The original plants were purchased from a nursery which had imported the stock for ornamental landscape planting. Unfortunately this is now a very common problem in Borneo where inexperienced landscape architects and nursery owners plant sterile imported ornamental  fig species  which will never produce fruit that will feed the local birds and mammals.

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