Ficus endospermifolia is the most common tree fig in the forest surrounding Kinabalu Park HQ. This fig tree is easy to recognise because of the heart-shaped leaves and large fig fruits which ripen yellow/green/brown indicating that these figs are dispersed by nocturnal mammals  (which search by smell) rather than birds which search by colour (sight). The most important dispersal agent was probably  the Masked Palm Civet which was once common in these mountain forests but is now locally extinct at Kinabalu Park HQ.

Ficus endospermifolia 3Y3A4245

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_0649 - Copy.JPG
These fallen figs have been chewed by squirrels. Squirrels are both common and diverse in the mountain forests of Borneo with at least 8 species that occur in the forests around Kinabalu Park HQ, but they are unlikely to be important dispersers of  fig seeds. One mammal likely to disperse large fallen figs would be the Sumatran Rhinoceros, once very common on Kinabalu but now extinct in the wild in Sabah. Another potential disperser would be the Bearded Pig which is now hunted out around Park HQ on Kinabalu- so these fallen figs are anachronistic fruit that will rot on the ground instead of being dispersed.
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Ficus endospermifolia is dioecious so trees are either male or female. The figs above are both female from a female tree. Note the ripe seeds waiting for the fig to be eaten and dispersed.
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A male fig on the left. Note the white male pollen producing flowers (anthers) surrounding the ostiole hole at the bottom of the fig. The fig on the right is female and contains ripe seeds.
Ficus endospemifolia IMG_0914.JPG
With dioecious fig trees, male figs only produce pollinating fig wasps whilst only female fig fruit produce seeds. The photo shows two ripe male figs surrounded by female fig wasps which have just emerged from the figs.
Ficus endospermifolia IMG_0477.JPG
An early morning view of  Mount Kinabalu from the Hill Cabins at Kinabalu Park.
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The Hill Cabins at Kinabalu Park HQ. A grove of both male and female Ficus endospermifolia fig trees grows next to the road entrance to the Hill Cabins.

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