This Ficus crassiramea is growing along the Wildlife Trail about 15 minutes walk from the Maliau Study Centre.  In Berg’s (2005) Flora Malesiana treatment of Ficus, Ficus crassiramea and Ficus stupenda are considered to be  sister sub-species or races both listed under Ficus crassiramea. 

Ficus crassiramea 3Y3A2232
The leaves in the photo above  are similar to both Ficus crassiramea and Ficus stupenda leaves. They are smaller with more veins than Ficus stupenda but broader than most Ficus crassiramea leaves. The basal veins are formed in the typical “Y” shape of both Ficus stupenda  and  Ficus crassiramea. Most fig ecologists treat  F.crassiramea and F. stupenda as separate  species as I do on this website, however sometimes the distinction is difficult.