The drawing above by Corner (1967) copied from Berg (2005) compares the juvenile (bathyphyll) leaves of the root climbing Ficus trichocarpa (left)  with a single adult (acrophyll)  leaf on the right.

Maliau Study Centre 696
All photos in this article show a  juvenile  Ficus trichocarpa growing on the walkway  between the restaurant and the guest cabins at the Maliau Basin Study Centre in Sabah. Only bathyphyll leaves are evident on this plant. Normally adult acrophyll leaves do not appear until the plant is fully adult and starts fruiting.

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Trichocarpa 3Y3A1702.JPG

Trichocarpa 3Y3A1704.JPG

Trichocarpa 3Y3A1706.JPG

Trichocarpa 3Y3A1709.JPG

Trichocarpa Y3A1708.JPG

Maliau Study Centre IMG_0475.JPG
A giant Ficus kerkhovenii strangling fig (Section Conosycea) next to the Maliau Basin Study Centre in south central Sabah.

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