You can tell this is  is Ficus fulva (rather than Ficus aurata) from the fleshy red tepals inside the ripe fig. In Ficus aurata they would be replaced by sharp white hairs. You can tell that this is a female fig because it is full of ripe seeds. A male fig  fruit would be full of fig wasps instead.

Ficus fulva 3Y3A0387

Ficus fulva and Ficus aurata are two very similar trees with similar fig fruits that grow in similar secondary forest habitats. Both species are dioecious with separate male and female trees . The female Ficus fulva  illustrated above was growing next to a  similar size male Ficus aurata  tree also with ripe fruit.

See this link for the differences:Ficus aurata (male) at Wasai Bedanu, Tutong, Brunei

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Ficus fulva 3Y3A0345.JPG

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