Ficus sinuata  growing on Gunung Trus Madi in central Sabah. All photos by Linus Gokusing a botanist at Kipandi Butterfly Farm in the Crocker Range.

Sinuata Trus Madi IMG_0783
Ficus sinuata growing next to a logging road at 1,000m on Gunung Trus Madi in Central  Sabah. At  2,643m Trus Madi  is Borneo’s second highest mountain.
Sinuata Trus Madi IMG_0785.JPG
Notice the mist indicating that the  cloud layer  is below 1,000m  on Trus Madi during part of the day.

Sinuata Trus Madi IMG_0787.JPG

Sinuta Trus Madi IMG_4322.JPG

Sinuata Trus Madi IMG_4333.JPG

Sinuata Trus Madi IMG_4329.JPG

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