The yellow circle  on the upper left hand side of the photo encloses a young Ficus stupenda seeding growing on an old branch knot of a tall dipterocarp trunk. On the other side of the trunk but at the same level the red circle encloses a larger independent Ficus stupenda.  Fora close up photos of both fig plants see below.

(The tree in the middle of the photo is yet another dipterocarp hosting two Ficus dubia figs with aerial roots which have already reached the ground.)

Ficus stupenda IMG_0682 - Copy.JPG
Next to the Ficus stupenda  epiphyte growing on this dipterocarp is a dense mat of  tiny  Ficus punctata leaves covering the trunk.
Ficus stupenda IMG_0409.JPG
A close up of the second Ficus stupenda fig on the opposite side of the trunk but at the same level as the Ficus stupenda seedling. In the background are the young leaves of a mature Ficus dubia fig on a neighbouring dipterocarp tree.
Ficus stupenda IMG_0678.JPG
A close of the Ficus stupenda. Note the  large stubby green/brown stipule.
Tree Plan BCW - Copy.jpg
Both figs are growing on a tall dipterocarp  labelled #6 in this plan of the Belaong Canopy Walkway in Brunei.

Belalong Canopy Walkway Tree Plan drawn by  María Fernanda González Giraldo.