Photo above shows an early morning view of the eastern ridge of Mt Kinabalu before the earthquake of 5 June 2015 and the massive landslides that resulted .

Mesilau Kinabalu IMG_0367
Mesilau sub-station of Kinabalu Park before  the earthquake of June 2015 destroyed  all the access roads and some of the buildings.
Mesilau IMG_0391.JPG
Mesilau is surrounded by beautiful montane forest  rich in endemic figs. Because the forest  at  Mesilau (2000m) is at a higher altitude compared with Kinabalu Park HQ (1,500m) the  vegetation is quite different.
Ficus oleifolia IMG_0368.JPG
Ficus oleifolia growing in the garden at Mesilau (in the middle at the rear)  Ficus oleifolia is the most common fig on Kinabalu above 1,500 meters growing both in open areas and in the forest understorey.
Tony Lamb MIMG_2168.JPG
A typical Ficus oleifolia  shrub growing in the open. The shrubs in the forest understorey tend to be a lot smaller. Tony Lamb to show scale.
Ficus oleifolia IMG_2180.JPG
Ficus oleifolia covered in immature fig fruits.


Ficus oleifolia IMG_0338.JPG

Ficus oleifolia IMG_2172.JPG

Ficus oleifolia IMG_0385.JPG
A ripe fig of Ficus oleifolia

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