A ripe Ficus oleifolia fig fruit photographed in the Kinabalu Botanic Mountain Garden  at Kinabalu Park HQ.

The 10 Most Common Kinabalu Figs based on Herbariun collections (Beaman 2004)

1 oleifolia Montane rocks Thailand to Celebes 128
2 uniglandulosa Rocks to 2.3km Burma to Philippines 60
3 midotis Forest to 2,800m Endemic 45
4 setiflora Forest 1.1km-2.5km. N Borneo endemic 40
5 recurva Different varieties Burma to Philippines 34
6 septica Understorey bat fig India to Australia 34
7 tarennifolia Forest to 3,000m N Borneo endemic 29
8 disticha  forest to 2km Burma to Solomons 26
9 deltoidea Rocks to 1.3km Malaya to Celebes 25
10 uncinata (malayana) forest to 1800m Borneo,Sumatra 25


The trail map next to the  entrance to the Kinabalu Mountain Garden  next to the sports centre at Kinabalu Park HQ. Honor Phillipps  shows the scale.

Three different fig species can be seen growing inside the  mountain garden F. oleifolia (small shrub) , Ficus tarennifolia (small tree)  and Ficus uncinata (earth fig).

Ficus oleifolia IMG_2729.JPG
F. oleifolia  can be found in many growth forms on Kinabalu. The few individuals  growing in the mountian garden are wispy small shrubs of the forest understorey with relatively broad leaves.

Ficus oleifolia IMG_2612.JPG

Ficus oleifolia IMG_2605.JPG

Ficus oleifolia IMG_2739.JPG

Ficus oleifolia IMG_2738.JPGFicus oleifolia IMG_2592.JPG

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