Ficus villosa fruiting at Sepilok Forest Reserve near Sandakan Sabah.

This individual is believed to be a male fig based on (1) Pointed  (not sunken) ostiole (2) Hairs on the fig (3) Fig ripening yellow not red.  (4) Large size of the ripe fig.

All fig photos by Miyabi Nakabayashi.  DSC02320



Interesting figs that can be seen from the canopy walkway at the Rainforest Discovery Centre Sepilok include root climber Ficus barba-jovis, Ficus pellucidopunctata and Ficus trichocarpa.
Sepilokj B & B IMG_7035.jpg
Interesting figs that can be seen in the gardens of the Sepilok B&B include Ficus annulata, Ficus septica, Ficus callosa, Ficus lepicarpa and several small trees of Ficus parietalis which fruit almost continuously attracting a large variety of  birds.

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