Ficus laevis  is a very scarce  root climbing fig in Section Rhizocladus.  F. laevis is a common fig in the dryer seasonal climates of Thailand, N. Malaya and Java but rare in Borneo, apart from areas of limestone. However this exceptional individual was photographed at 550m  on the very wet western slopes of the the Crocker Range in Sabah.

All photographs are by Linus Gokusing.

Ficus laevis 04 P2132317.JPG

Ficus laevis 02 P2132314.JPG
The fig fruits of Ficus laevis ripen yellow green and are dispersed by fruit bats .
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Ficus laevis 12  P2132385.JPG
Ficus laevis is dioecious i.e. separate male and female plants. This is a ripe female fig fruit of Ficus laevis 

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