Ficus pallescens was originally described as a variety of Ficus binnendijkii  by Laman & Weiblen (1998).  F. binnendijkii is the  most common strangler  at Gunung Palung,    Ficus pallescens fig fruits ripen white to purple with spots whereas Ficus binnendijkii figs ripen orange to red without spots.

The leaves of Ficus pallescens  are thinner  longer and more lanceolate than Ficus binnendijkii.   All photos by Tim Laman 

Laman Ficus pallescens - Copy

Ficus binnedndijkii and Ficus pallescens.jpg

Laman & Weiblen (1998) Figs of Gng Palung NP Kalimantan