ABOVE: Ficus geocharis is a generally scarce “earth fig ” found throughout the lowlands and hills of Borneo, here photographed at Lambir Hills in Sarawak by Jean-Yves Rasplus  on 13 August 2004.

The fig fruits of F. geocharis are very variable, sometime covered in hairs sometimes smooth and with a variable number of bracts. However F. geocharis is easily recognized from the  distinctive leaf. The leaf is almost symmetrical with a long drip tip  (similar to F. beccarii) but always has a small ear or “auricle”  on one side of the base of the leaf as shown in the photo above.

01 Ficus geocharis - 17.jpg
In Sabah  and  Temburong, Brunei, F. geocharis earth figs normally  have prominent bracts but are without hairs.
02 Ficus geocharis - 19.jpg
This  photo shows fig fruits of four different sizes and ages on the same stolons indicating that this fig  produces fruit one by one over a period of time (steady state)  not in one big bang as with many figs. Steady state fruiters are normally dispersed by locally resident  rats and mouse deer  rather than by nomadic animals such as pigs

03 Ficus geocharis - 02.jpg

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07 Ficus geocharis - 12.jpg

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Ficus geocharis typically grows in full sun along the edge of the forest.